Touching Tulsa with Prayer



TOUCHING TULSA WITH PRAYER – What a blessing as we joined two churches in Moore, OK to pray for our nation and for their community. We then drove over to Tulsa to pray with the church family at Victory Christian Center, just across the street from Oral Roberts University, where they hold a large National Day of Prayer event every year. It was powerful!

After a full day of ministry, a dozen of us went to the hotel for a late dinner, and to talk through what God had done that day. As we ordered, and waited for the food, we noticed that they were short handed.

One of our team members shared the following testimony the next day:

Lesson & Confession: Around 8 pm last night the bus team and several friends ate dinner at our hotel.

One of our guests told the table that our waiter had commented that he was tired. After months of praying for the desperate, the homeless, the hungry, and even friends & family members to find work, I have grown frustrated with people who complain at work and my heart was cold towards our waiter’s fatigue…. It turns out that our waiter, Victor, works three jobs and had been at work since 5 am. He stayed at work because his replacement did not show up.

He is working day & night to be able to move his wife and daughter to Oklahoma. He asked us to pray that they could be reunited soon.

Throughout our meal Victor shared his story of God pulling him from the pit and setting him on a path of righteousness. He asked God for opportunities to work and employers for a chance to prove himself and every day he is grateful for every dollar and every hour of work….

I have said so many times,” You don’t know what you don’t know!” I have confessed my judgement and asked forgiveness and now I share this lesson so that you can join me in praying for Victor and his family. I pray that I always hear a prayer request for people who voice pain. Lesson learned!


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  1. Shirley Griffitts Johnson

    Good lesson for us all to know and remember. Amen

  2. Judy

    Thank you for your humility. I will remember:
    “you don’t know what you don’t know”–please God help me

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