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PRAY FOR AMERICA BUS TOUR – 2014? On September 11, the Pray for America Bus Tour will cross the finish line in Atlanta, GA, after having journeyed 23,000 miles through more than 400 communities over 100 days. But is it truly the end of the road? According to Craig Dance, owner of Champion Coach, we are just getting started and his heart is for the National Day of Prayer Task Force to continue reaching out with the Gospel Message and the Power of Prayer.

The impact has been tremendous and with 37 states having hosted prayer gatherings, there are still 13 states to go and many more communities to cover from coast to coast – even those already visited. So, we are prayerfully seeking the Lord for what 2014 will bring.

We need your prayers. Perhaps in January we will be visiting your church or community. This photo shows the second bus that was recently wrapped in anticipation of a continuation of the tour. How exciting to see a “fleet” of prayer buses ready to take the road in the name of Christ. Both are loaded with Bibles, prayer guides, DVDs, Tents, audio equipment and more – all ready to bring hope and encouragement to every individual across this great land.

They “set out from there and traveled from place to place throughout the region strengthening all who followed Christ” Acts 18:23

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    I have so praised the Lord for what he is doing with this prayer bus. Arkansas would love to have you visit us, especially Ft. Smith/Van Buren Area. We have been meeting every first Monday evening for prayer since January after a 21 day fast in what we call the River Valley. We rotate each month from Alma to Van Buren to Ft. Smith then repeat. Crawford county has prayer blitzed all our cities with the last one this next week. We are having a 9/11 memorial and call to prayer with a speaker that is a survivor from WTC #2 61st floor with all branches of the military represented plus fire, police, medical, and emergency management being prayed for. Come see us.

  2. Juin

    Glory!! God truly loves America. Thanking God for Champion and the NDP Task Force staff who hear His voice, humbly and obediently follow. Thanking God for National Daily Prayer!!!

  3. Rose Davis

    Praise the Lord! This is very exciting. God bless you all and thank you for your drive to bless the USA!

  4. Shirley Griffitts Johnson

    Awesome! God’s will be done!

  5. Shelley

    So looking forward to Minnesota joining the list!

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