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After making our way east, we arrived in Georgia on Sunday, which was the first of a 4-day finale here in the great city of Atlanta. We started the day with Pastor Paul at the Dream Center where a packed house of hundreds gathered to praise and worship. Pastor Dion Elmore brought people to tears with a message on humility and the power of effective and fervent prayer. We then headed over to Celebration Church where we continued to praise the Lord throughout the evening. It was a spirit-filled day and we know the Almighty was glorified.

Today we decided to drop in on some friends and the Lord had something bigger in mind. We traveled over to the offices of RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries), which is a building that is shared with the Haggai Ministry (an organization that has equipped and mobilized 90,000 regional leaders throughout the world to train people on evangelism). The same facility is also home to the Day Foundation and Mr. Woody White, who was one of the visionaries of the Pray for America Tour. Needless to say, we were among friends. We prayed right out in front of the building in the very warm Georgia sun but it was certainly a time of celebration as we reflected on nearly 100 days of mobilized prayer across America.

Prior to the gathering coming to a close, we briefly shared about how God was raising up the young people in our nation – that a baton was being passed and a revival was beginning from coast to coast. We discussed how a movement was needed to continue in the path we had just taken to continue to reap the harvest. Just then, Nick Hall walks up – the founder of Pulse – one of the largest youth revival-focused ministries in the world. Through his message, more than 400,000 young people have given their lives to Jesus and they are just getting started. On the National Day of Prayer they mobilized over 30,000 people at the University of Minnesota to rally in prayer.

Nick came forward, embraced us in a hug and said how the Lord had just told him to stop by for a visit to meet with RZIM. He didn’t know we were going to be there. He promptly came aboard the bus and shared how they are preparing to go to 32 cities to teach the gospel message and they would be leaving in about 3 weeks. Here is the God-directed-meeting part. They are going through the exact same route we just took to almost the same cities and they are doing it by bus. After some prayer together, it felt right that we should talk with Champion Coach to see if they could just use the same bus we have and continue on through November! How is that for a God meeting? So, on the heels of a prayer movement, there will be a message of revival in the same cities! That is just amazing! But that wasn’t all – it just kept getting better. Mr. Woody White came aboard and had a message for us from the “One Year Christian History” Bible.

To summarize his words, he read about Rees Howells and the beginning of a revival in Wales in 1904 that was only made possible by the power of a prayer movement that sprang up throughout the region. Later on after Howells began planting churches and opened the Bible College of Wales it was in WWII on September 9, 1943 – exactly 70 years ago to the day – when those prayer warriors put the power of prayer to action, again, covering the city of Salerno, Italy in focused intercession for 2 hours. As a result the Nazi invasion suddenly ceased and the city was saved. The headlines the next day read, “The Miracle of Salerno”.

So, our day was filled with God-encounters with a wonderful walk through the ages as we looked back to remember how God heard the prayers of the saints and a nation was saved – while at the same time looking forward to revival. Seems very appropriate for today.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow.


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  1. Lee

    Oh how I love Jesus and you and you and you! Because He first loved us!

  2. Kay Horner

    How amazing this journey has been. We celebrate with you all that God has done and will continue to do as a result of your faithful commitment to this vital prayer ministry. -Kay Horner, National Coordinator for Cry Out America

  3. Shirley Curly Johnson

    God is so amazing! His encounters are divine!! Praising God!

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