Faith in the Face of Destruction


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FAITH IN THE FACE OF DESTRUCTION – We just drove the bus into the area where the Moore, Oklahoma neighborhood was devastated by a tornado this past May.

As we approached the site where Plaza Towers Elementary School once stood, we were overwhelmed at the sight of the vacant lots all around, and by the seven crosses, placed as a memorial to the seven students that lost their lives that day.

As we greeted those gathering, we were joined by a team of first responders from the fire and police departments, as well as one of the students from the school and her dad, who came over to see what was going on. As we prayed, we honored and lifted up all of those whose lives have been forever changed.

Two women approached to see what was happening, and they introduced themselves as the mother and sister of Nicolas McCabe, of one of the little boys who had lost his life. We prayed for them, as his mom shared about what an amazing, and loving little boy he was. Her faith was amazing, and she shared with us, that through it all, she hasn’t asked God ‘why’, but instead ‘how’! How can she be a blessing to others!

A little over 3 months have passed, but the emotional impact is still being felt. Please remember to pray for these precious saints as they rebuild, and as Jesus brings healing into their lives.


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  1. Lee

    Bless God! O Lord we NEED You!

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