Praying Over EDUCATION

Join with us as we take to the road to mobilize prayer for education at more than 35 schools, colleges and universities across 20 states. The tour will begin September 9.

In 2014, our focus was on Media and Entertainment as we mobilized nation-wide prayer into these centers of influence. In 2015, our focus is on Education. The National Day of Prayer Task Force is already at work to engage prayer leaders across America to intercede on behalf of educators, students, curriculum developers, universities, schools, and more. With your help, together, we will watch God begin to radically re-align education in America. It has been 53 years since prayer was forbidden in schools and the results have dramatically impacted our nation. We have moved far from the founding principles that were the baseline for the New England Primer in 1688 and it is time to seek God so that generations not yet born may know the Lord (Psalm 78:6, 102:18). Join us as we unite in prayer for Education.

The new Pray for America Bus Rally Tour III will take our prayer team to campuses from coast-to-coast and we invite you to join with us. Look for details coming soon.

Here is a look back at the Pray for America Bus Rally II:



On September 2, 2014, the Pray for America Rally Tour II began on the east coast and concluded at the finish line in Hollywood, California for The Summons: Hollywood, October 1-5, 2014.

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The National Day of Prayer staff are still praising God for all that transpired from the Pray for America Bus Tour II. Here is a summarized impact report for your review.

Pray for America – Media & Entertainment Tour

  • 34 Days
  • Over 5,000 Miles – Coast to Coast
  • 14 States
  • 16 Key Media Markets (Cities) – Including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles

Reached tens of millions of media viewers and listeners nationwide with the gospel message and a challenge to pray for America, with a focus on media and entertainment.

We utilized every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the power of prayer during regional TBN interviews, national and local radio interviews on Moody, Bott and Salem, as well as local and national highlight coverage by CBS and NBC.

Our team Engaged and Encouraged more than 4,500 people in person, many of those, leaders and influencers in the media and entertainment industries.

Together, we prayed at more than 100 media and entertainment organizations and locations, including:

  • Major Christian Media Ministries (CRU, Turning Point, IHOP)
  • National and local television and radio networks and stations (CNN, TBN, Salem, BRN, Moody Radio, ABC, CBS, NBC)
  • Major Movie and Television Studios (Pinewood, Albuquerque, I25, Warner, Disney, CBS)
  • Major Theme Parks (Disneyworld, Universal – Orlando and Hollywood), Sea World, Legoland)
  • Leading Music Companies (EMI, Sony, Warner, Capital, and dozens of smaller labels)
  • Television Shows (Counting Cars, Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and Jeopardy)

To conclude this tour, we crossed the finish-line in Hollywood, CA, where we joined with 250 people including 50 industry professionals (directors, producers and actors) in 5-days of solemn assembly, seeking transformation across the airwaves.

It was a powerful time of prayer and we simply cannot thank you enough for your support!

We look forward to joining with you again, in prayer for our nation on November 4 for Election Day and on May 7, 2015 for the 64th annual National Day of Prayer.

Tour Dates & Locations

These were the designed locations to Pray for America:


Last Year

Amazing things have happened since we returned from our first Pray for America Bus Rally Tour last September where we traveled through 34 states, praying with over 101,000 people. We have literally heard hundreds of testimonies and personally witnessed an amazing stirring of the Holy Spirit among God’s people nationwide. The church is becoming more and more aware that effective, fervent, strategic prayer, is the first step in experiencing transformation and awakening in a culture that so desperately needs it!

This Year’s Focus

This year, momentum continues to grow, and keeping with our emphasis of praying for the seven key centers of influence, we’re focusing our efforts on the media and entertainment sphere.   Like no other generation, we spend a huge portion of our time consuming information and ideas, allowing movies, television programming, news, and advertising – good and bad, positive and negative – to influence what we think and how we feel.  Because of the tremendous influence of these messages on our lives, the Pray for America bus took to the road once again, making its way from Orlando, through New York City, Chicago and across the country to Los Angeles, stopping in over a dozen key media cities to focus our nation’s attention and prayers on this culture shaping industry.

This Bus Tour was on a mission to create a wave of prayer from the East Coast to the West Coast and on October 1-5, prayer ministries from around the globe joined us for The Summons, where we united forces in the media-epicenter of the world – Hollywood, California. Mobilizing an Issachar Army, we prayed through the streets, at studios, and with media executives, actors, writers, musicians, producers, and production workers.

Join Us

1) PRAY: Commit to Pray for the Media and Entertainment spheres of influence in America. Pray that lives would be changed and God would intervene across America. Click here for prayer points >>

2) WATCH VIDEO SESSIONS NOW: If you would like to view video from the Hollywood Prayer Gathering then click here to watch now on Live Stream:


Our special thanks to Champion Coach and owner Craig Dance for making this tour possible.

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